Pretty Lisa

A domestic violence project staged at the Manoel Theatre in 2013

Photos by Elaine Bugeja

Drama Therapist: Louise Ghirlando; Directer: Marcelle Teuma; Producer: Manoel Theatre

Actors: Magda Van Kuilenburg, Sharon Bezzina, Daniela Vassallo


In-Nisa Maltin jafu kif

Six are different women, from different backgrounds with one common experience. They all gave birth on the same day and shared the same maternity ward. And now, one year later, they are having a reunion in a very strange place: an abandoned chapel in the middle of nowhere ...

Photos by David Schembri

Director: Marcelle Teuma, Producer: Fondazzjoni Avventura and Manoel Theatre

Actors: Sharon Bezzina, Magda Van Kuilinberg, Coryse Borg, Marta Vella, Marilu Vella, Maria Cutajar, Claudio Carta and Chris Degiorgio


L-Interdett taħt is-Sodda

L-Interdett taħt is-Sodda examines the concept of history as a cemetry and that of cemetries as history ... when a person does not narrate his or her story, no matter what the reason is, it will be buried forever.

Photos by Andrew Rizzo

Director: Marcelle Teuma, Producer: Teatrutramm, Poster design: Pierre Portelli

Actors: Joe Galea, Alison Desira and Marion Zammit