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Picture Books



What happens to naughty little Rubber Stamp when she tries to learn her letters? This is a fun story about a young girl and her sister trying to learn the alphabet.


Merlin Publishers


National Book Prize - Books for Children


Derek Fenech


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Naughty little Rubber Stamp ...

A is for angel, apple ape, A is for act-and-then-escape

Naughty little Rubber Stamp got a birthday gift from Gramp, little letters she could print in all sizes, every tint.

Now she’s covered head to toe with those letters high and low which she’s printed on her lips, on her cheeks, her sides, her hips.

Starting with the letter A, that’s what she heard mummy say! A for angel, apple, ape, A for act-and-then-escape.

Next she finds the letter B, that one’s easy – B’s for bee! B for ball, for buttered bread, B for bundled-off-to-bed.

C goes on her little finger. That’s for cat – his name is Clinger, chocolate chip or cherry cake, crunchy sugar-coated flake.

Translated by Albert Gatt

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